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This article uses both British and American spellings of mould/mold.

Buying your first home in Edmonton often leads to a do-it-yourself approach to renovations and restoration needs around the house. Without a background in carpentry, the learning curve is steep, but the payoffs are positive. Not only do you get to enjoy adding to your skill set, but the financial savings are also substantial. Paint, flooring, tiling and other superficial renovations carry low risk of injury and can generally be done by the homeowners.

But every homeowner knows that there are some things that can’t be done by just anyone – they require a tradesman to do it safely. For instance, electrical wiring, plumbing, and gas lines are unsafe areas to dabble unless you have the training to support your work.  Many of the permits you will apply for to make changes in your home require a tradesman’s endorsement anyway – it makes sense to have them complete the work.

There is a third category of home maintenance, and that is the responsibility to respond to health risks like lead paint, asbestos and mold in your home for which you need an abatement removal. Asbestos removal is not possible to do safely by punching in search terms in Google like: ‘how to abate asbestos,’, and there are no asbestos cleaners to purchase. It is important to consider the potential for asbestos to be disturbed while performing renovations, so knowing whether you have asbestos present in your home will indicate when you need professional help in containing it.

Many schools were constructed throughout the 70’s using asbestos ceiling tile and are now being remediated. Asbestos is harmful when it is disturbed because it diffuses into the air and can be inhaled. This is why it is important to hire professionals if you have concerns about asbestos.

Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. offers professional asbestos abatement in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, as well as insulation removal in Edmonton. Asbestos abatement companies are trained in how to perform asbestos testing in Edmonton to determine how much asbestos is present and where. Your abatement in Edmonton should include disposal.

Before performing an asbestos abatement service, your contractor will answer questions like: how much does an asbestos abatement cost? How long does asbestos abatement take? Then, they will provide you with an estimate of cost to provide to your insurance company. Does home insurance cover asbestos abatement? Each agreement has different conditions, so we recommend speaking with your insurance provider.

Mold testing in Edmonton

Another common cause for abatement is mold removal in Edmonton/mould removal in Edmonton. Does your basement carry a musty or mildewy smell? This is an indication that water is entering the basement and keeping it wet. For mould removal/mold removal to be effective, your professional must first perform mould testing/mold testing and mold inspection/mould inspection.

Mould/mold remediation in your Edmonton home can do harm to those people who live there. Asthma, allergic reactions and a host of other symptoms can be triggered by mold. If you aren’t sure whether the smell is problematic, we recommend mould testing in Edmonton to confirm.

For more information about mold remediation in Edmonton, visit our website: mouldsolutions.ca

How to Decrease the Spore Count at Home

Mould spores are released into the air and can be inhaled or spread throughout the house. Since mold requires moisture to grow, keep wet clothes outside. Use a cleaner for your surfaces that will kill spores, and keep the surfaces dusted. Floors can also be disinfected to prevent spores from collecting on this large surface.

When you take a shower, it is important to run the ventilator fan long after you’ve left the room. Otherwise, mould can develop on surfaces and around your tub. Don’t allow your windows to remain wet if full of condensation. That moisture will run down the window and wet the entire ledge if left. Towel-dry the inside of the window when you see condensation collected. If necessary, it can be helpful to run a dehumidifier. HEPA filters help to trap spores, so a HEPA filter on your HVAC improves the number of spores suspended in the air.

If you find signs of water damage, such as wet ceiling tiles, the source must be found and fixed before any other tasks are performed. Any moisture on carpets is likely to mould unless dried. Typically, carpet must be lifted and dried with fans before you can determine whether they are okay to put back down. Mildewy carpet should never be left behind, since the risk of moulding is high.

Working with Your Professional Remediator

Once you hire a professional to handle remediation of dangerous substances, you can trust them to get the job done according to proper health and safety requirements. Take their advice where possible and let them get to work doing what they do best!

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