Despite the ban on the use of asbestos products in the US and Canada, it’s not uncommon to find existing homes and buildings with asbestos in their walls and ceilings. However, having this product present in your home can be hazardous to your health.

For this reason, the government has strict rules regarding the duty of owners with asbestos integrated into their property. This is especially the case for commercial property owners. Unfortunately, the restrictions on homeowners are a bit lax. For example, if you have asbestos in your own home, you can choose between removing it yourself or calling an expert. While it’s tempting to get the job done on your own for cheap, professionals recommend that you don’t.

If you choose to handle an asbestos situation without the knowledge or experience of extracting this hazardous material, you could end up with lawsuits and life-threatening illnesses. To give you a clear picture of what we’re referring to, Advanced Remediation Solutions has listed three reasons why a DIY asbestos removal is a bad idea.

1. You could expose people to health hazards.
If you engage in asbestos material removal with inadequate experience, you and others in the building could be exposed to asbestos fibers. When inhaled, these fibers can cause severe respiratory issues like asbestosis or a very asbestos specific cancer called mesothelioma. There’s also an unfortunate fact that asbestos fibers cannot be removed from the lungs. Read more here.

2. You could invite lawsuits and fines.
Without the right training and knowledge about asbestos abatement, you may be unaware of the best ways to prevent asbestos fibers from contaminating other areas of your building. If you contaminate neighboring spaces with asbestos fibers, you could face lawsuits that are unlikely to end in your favor. Also, unknowingly engaging in Occupation Health and Safety Violations can result in “stop-work orders” from the court and fines.

3. You could incur hefty bills.
To remove asbestos materials, you need to purchase or rent the necessary equipment to complete the job. You also need to buy personal protective equipment, HEPA filtered air movers and vacuums and decontamination equipment. In case you accidentally release asbestos fibers into asbestos-free areas, you’ll need to foot a substantial bill to clean up.

Do things right – Hire a professional
When you consult asbestos removal contractors, they will assess your requirements and provide you with an experienced, trained, fully-equipped, and insured workforce to complete the project correctly.

Professionals in asbestos removal are trained and certified in their job. They understand and can implement the containment requirements necessary to isolate their work area. As licensed experts, they also possess pollution liability insurance to protect you in the event of accidents. In addition, they use specialized personal protective gear, HEPA filtered equipment, and decontamination equipment to perform safe asbestos abatement.

To determine the cost of an asbestos removal project, your contractor will need to take a look at the abatement site. Different projects usually have different requirements and, depending on the risk rating, costs, and procedures can vary drastically.

For more information about professional asbestos abatement, reach out to Advanced Remediation Solutions. We are asbestos and mould removal experts in Edmonton, AB, and we excel in our services. Our team has the expertise, experience, and equipment to assess and remediate not only the significant contaminants of mould and asbestos, but also PCBs, animal feces, mercury, and other hazardous materials. Moreover, we offer our clients safe and satisfying experiences so they can breathe easy.

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