Asbestos Abatement in Edmonton

We’ve all heard about asbestos and asbestos removal, but what is it really and why does it require remediation?

What is asbestos?

With all you’ve heard about asbestos, you might have the idea that it’s a manufactured product that was created without oversight. After all, how could anything natural be toxic?

Asbestos is a natural material made of silicate mineral fibers. These mineral fibers have microscopic fibrils. You can visualize this as a muscle fiber: muscles are made of many strands of muscle – each strand being like a fibril. As long as these fibers are undisturbed, they present little danger to those around it. If these delicate fibers are disturbed, however, by rubbing, hitting, grating or other means of abrasion, they begin to splinter off in tiny fragments which are then released into the air.

How Asbestos Makes You Sick

Floating asbestos fibers are so small that they remain floating in the air for some time before settling onto surfaces. While the fibers are in the air, however, they easily enter the lungs where they can cause serious and life-threatening conditions that do not present themselves immediately and become chronic.

Mesothelioma is a cancer that invades the tissue that envelops your internal organs. Usually, this is seen in the lungs and the chest.

Asbestosis, which you may have heard of more commonly, is a condition that develops when the asbestos fibers enter the lungs and cause serious inflammation. This can be a precursor to mesothelioma, lung cancer and even heart disease. Asbestosis makes it difficult to breathe and tightens the chest preventing full, deep breathing. Coughing and wheezing is characteristic of asbestosis.

Lung cancer is another lethal consequence of asbestos inhalation, caused by cell malignancy.

What is Asbestos Abatement in Edmonton?

Abatement removal refers to the process of lessening or removing the amount of asbestos in the environment in order to reduce or eliminate its impact on an occupant’s health. You will require an asbestos abatement company for abatement in Edmonton. Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. in Edmonton is a trusted name in remediation and abatement of homes and commercial buildings.

When preparing for asbestos abatement, it is critical to begin with asbestos testing in Edmonton. This will determine how much of the substance is present and the best way to perform asbestos removal in your Edmonton home. Asbestos testing in Edmonton will help determine how long the asbestos abatement will take. Keep in mind that safely removing asbestos is likely to require set-up efforts to seal the environment in the home, which typically requires a team of professionals.

Asbestos Abatement requires cleaners with experience working with hazardous materials and should never be undertaken by amateurs or residents, since the health consequences could be severe.

Does home insurance cover asbestos abatement?

As far as questions about how much the asbestos abatement will cost, you will need to contact your insurance company and request information about asbestos removal and whether an asbestos abatement service will be covered. Asbestos cleaners will need to be trained in its safe removal and safe preparation for removal.

Mold Remediation in Edmonton

Note: this website uses both the British spelling (mould) and the American spelling (mold). For additional information on mold removal/mould removal, visit our website at: mouldsolutions.ca

Mold Removal/Mould Removal    

When you’ve got a mold problem in your home, you will require mold testing/mould testing to determine the next steps. Mold testing in Edmonton should only be done by a reliable abatement and mold remediation company. Mould can cause serious allergic reactions in residents and may cause asthma alongside a host of other possible side effects.

Mould testing in Edmonton will identify the location and severity of the mold, and mold inspection will identify the cause of mould, in order to determine how to eliminate the possibility of the problem reoccurring. Edmonton mould removal may require insulation removal if it has been compromised by mold. Your mold removal in Edmonton should be undertaken under the care of a certified and experienced company like Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. to prevent any risk to health.              

Signs You May Have Mold

Mold relies on moisture, so any signs of excess moisture on home structures or finishings should be investigated and abated. As a homeowner, you should take note of where you see signs of moisture like: around windows, discolouration on flooring or ceiling tiles (even if it currently appears to be dry), musty smells and patches of wet cement if the floor is unfinished. Mold starts to grow after approximately two days, so cleaning up water where it collects (like condensation on windows) is important to attend to quickly. Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. in Edmonton has the experience and advice you need to handle any mould or water issue in your home.

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