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Remediation services involve identification, removal and restoration of structures being impacted by hazardous materials. Hazardous materials are those considered dangerous to humans and the environment which must be properly handled and disposed of (or contained) so that it will no longer pollute the environment. Remediation/abatement professionals are accountable to Alberta Health and Safety standards as well as health codes. If you suspect that you require an abatement contractor, visit our website: mouldsolutions.ca

Mould Removal

Mould describes the shape and presentation of different forms of fungi. When you see the fuzz forming on a piece of fruit as it degrades you are witnessing fungi decomposing the plant material as it would a leaf in the forest. Mould gets its start from its spores which are carried through the air but so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. These spores seek out favourable locations to begin forming mould and while this is a necessary process in nature, mould can be damaging to buildings and structures as well as health.

Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. are Edmonton’s mould removal and mould testing experts. If you suspect that you may have mould in your home or building, you may require abatement removal. There are several abatement companies offering mould testing in Edmonton, but Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. has the knowledge, experience and professionalism to get your project completed on time so that you can confidently protect the safety of your building’s occupants.

Why is Mould Removal So Important?

Mould thrives in warm, wet environments and as it grows it damages the surfaces that it covers. This can cause building structure to break down. This breakdown of structural integrity can put the building at risk of collapse. Aside from structural risks, mould poses a number of health risks to anyone breathing the air in that enclosed environment. Allergic reactions to mould are common and can include rashes, watering of the eyes, asthma and other respiratory complications. While small amounts of mould can be remediated by home and building owners, mould that is pervasive requires the expertise of a remediation professional.

How to Prevent Mould Growth in Homes and Buildings

In order to decrease the chances of developing a mould problem in your environment, it is important to make the environment unfavourable to mould growth. The most important aspect of this prevention is a reduction in the humidity of the home. Indoor home humidity should not exceed 60%, and this can be assisted by ensuring that the home is well ventilated. When using showers or baths, ventilation fans should be run to allow the moist air to exit the home rather than collect on walls and other surfaces. Clothing dryers should always be well connected to their ventilation pipe. Particles in the air, including dust particles, act as food to mould so reducing the amount of dust and debris on your home’s surfaces will further decrease chances of mould growth. If you do notice some growth, it can be cleaned and wiped away with a cleaning solution containing bleach. Chronic moisture problems in basements are often the result of a cracked foundation which leaches moisture into the structure. If you have a mould problem in your basement, it is important to find its source in order to eliminate mould growth. If the source of the moisture is not eliminated, you will likely have an ongoing battle with mould regrowth.

Asbestos Abatement in Edmonton

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that was historically mined for use in construction due to its fire-retardant properties. The substance has since been banned from use in construction, but homes built before the mid-1970s may still contain the hazardous material. Since asbestos is most dangerous when it has been disturbed and inhaled, Asbestos removal in Edmonton is performed by asbestos abatement companies who are knowledgeable of how to protect, both, asbestos cleaners and occupants throughout the process. Asbestos removal requires that all building occupants have left the area and will be permitted to re-enter the environment only when the asbestos abatement is complete.

Abatement asbestos services begin with asbestos testing in Edmonton to determine the quality of the indoor air and to what degree asbestos is present in the environment.

Insulation Removal in Edmonton

Insulation is a critical component of comfortable living, since it retains heat and reduces energy costs. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to remove existing insulation and replace it. This can be the case when builders or homeowners put stress on the structure of the attic by using too much insulation, or during renovations where rewiring requires removal and replacement. Often, insulation removal follows the discovery of rodent infestation in which the material has become contaminated by urine and feces. Finally, insulation may require replacement if it has become mouldy due to moisture.

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