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It was a beautiful summer here in the greater Edmonton area, we had some lovely hot days that were great for gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts.
However, as always, the days are getting shorter and the evenings cooler and we start thinking about turning the furnace on.
And then it occurs to us that it’s been a few years and we need to have the furnace and ducting cleaned.
No prob … head out onto the internet and find someone.
Take time off work to meet the cleaning crew and show them where everything is and they see this!

Mould Removal
Mould Removal

Now they are telling you they can’t clean your furnace or ducting because you have asbestos containing tapes and wrap on your furnace ducting.

You must have the tapes removed before they can clean your furnace or ducting! You need an abatement company to deal with this type of issue.

I have never even heard of asbestos tapes !!!! 

Asbestos was very common in all types of building materials from the 1950’s to the early 1980’s.  It doesn’t burn, or rust, or corrode, or conduct electricity, and it’s incredibly durable and versatile.   Originally the asbestos tape was used on furnaces and ducting because the old furnaces back in the 1950’s and 60’s were down draft furnaces and had a tendency to build up gases in the ducting and then backfire, blowing flames through the ducting.  So, they used asbestos tape on all the joints and ducts to prevent the wood structure from starting on fire.

How much is this going to cost?

At this point we don’t know.  Call us for an estimate. We actually do FREE estimates in the greater Edmonton area.  Many companies are now charging for site visits and estimates. Lucky for you, asbestos tapes are classified as a moderate or low risk and is therefore one of the less expensive types of abatement. 

Keep in mind that the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Guidelines require third-party monitoring of all moderate and high risk abatements, so that may be an additional cost.

How long will this take?

The abatement contractor may only be in your home for a day or two depending on how may tapes you have.  However, in Alberta the abatement contractor has to file a Notice of Project (NOP) with Occupational Health & Safety, along with a site specific code of practice and then wait 72 hours before they can start the abatement.  We may need to set up a containment, or use glove bags.  Our crew may be hauling equipment and materials in an out.  It might be noisy. We could be there 1 day or 1 week it depends on the number of tapes and amount of duct wrap.

How can I be sure they do it right?

You can review the guidelines (use the url below) and download the pdf of the Alberta Asbestos Abatement Manual.

You can contact Occupation Health and Safety if you are concerned about the work being done.

Also, you may need to have third party consultant to monitor and/or clear the work performed by the abatement contractor.  

There a lots of environmental companies in the Edmonton area.   Go ahead and google “asbestos testing Edmonton”.  Get some estimates, and keep in mind they all have to do the work the same way (asbestos removal has A LOT of legislation you have to follow) so pick the one you like.

However, they don’t work for free.  So it will add to the cost of the removal.

We work with all the environmental consultants in Edmonton and area.  We can find one for you.  Or you can call yourself.

Just to name a few:

AP Solutions & Resources
Cascade Environmental
ESP Hitech Inc.
RH Services


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Is it safe now? Do I have to do anything else with the ducting?

The last gravity fed (down draft furnace) was probably installed in the late 1950’s.  However it was industry practice at that time to wrap the joints, ducts and boots with asbestos tape and this continued well into the 1970’s.  

So unless you actually have a gravity fed furnace (very unlikely), or for some reason some of the ducting needed to be replaced, you are done.  No need for any type of tapes or wrap for the furnace ducting.  Today’s furnaces don’t backfire and there is no risk of starting your house on fire.

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