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I feel people these days are focused on the negative and often don't acknowledge good service. I will say that working with Shawn has been excellent. He was professional, knowledgeable and very easy to deal with. He always took the time to talk to me and address any questions or concerns I had which provided me with a level of understanding and comfort that I wasn't expecting. It made this process a whole lot easier. Also wanted to acknowledge the one member of the crew who I dealt with. Unfortunately, I don't know his name but he had shorter, brown hair and I'm guessing was the senior ranking person on the job. He, too, was very good to deal with. Both of these individuals exceeded my expectations and I just wanted to share that feedback.
- Aleck Tryhuba
Both my wife, Geri, and I are pleased with the conduct of the work and the timely fashion in which it was carried out. We would like to commend, especially, Shawn Miller, whose knowledge and professionalism were impressive and whose advice and thouroughness were most appreciated. His helpfulness is linking us with tradespeople outside the scope of company is grateful acknowledged. We would have no hesitation in recommending Advanced Remediation to others.
- Ivor Edwards
Dear Denise,

Firstly, we thank-you for the completion of this job for us, and secondly we want to acknowledge your key workers!!! Randy and his assistant worked extremely hard and were very dedicated to completing the job. Randy was very pleasant, committed and respectful all times. Great coordinator of the project. Sincerely,
- Russ & Anne Roper
I really appreciated the two men you sent to do my job today! They were friendly, answered all my questions, and look to have done a very thorough job! They also left my house very clean! I have been impressed with your company from my first phone call in, and send thanks to you, your receptionist, and the two men who came today for being so professional, thorough, and personable! My insurance adjustor, Dawn Fuchs, said she would be in contact with you to set you up with her "health" person for a clearance on my house. Not exactly sure how that process goes, but please be expecting to hear from her at some point. Thanks again so much!
- Nicolette
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