Asbestos is a dangerous material wish can cause a variety of negative and even deadly health effects. Unfortunately, before these effects were known, asbestos was used throughout the construction industry and may still be present in homes and buildings which were constructed prior to the 1990s. At Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc., an Edmonton asbestos removal company, we want all homeowners to be aware of where asbestos might be hiding inside of their home.

1) In the insulation Asbestos has fantastic insulating properties, which is why it was used so often as an insulating material. In fact, insulation was one of the most common uses of asbestos prior to asbestos bans. Asbestos insulation was used in multi-family dwellings such as apartment and condo buildings, and older detached homes as well on old furnace ducting and in attics.

2) In the bathroom Asbestos is a very strong and durable material, and for these reasons it was sometimes used in the construction of bathroom fixtures. Bakelite toilets, in particular, were often made using asbestos, both the tank and the seat. Asbestos might also found in mastic an adhesive used during the installation of the tiles of your shower stall. Vinyl flooring is a common issue in bathrooms, the paper backing may contain 75% asbestos and is highly friable if disturbed. If you’re thinking about having your bathroom renovated any time soon, then testing for asbestos before you start is a good idea.

3) On the roof Another reason why you may need asbestos abatement services in the Edmonton area is for asbestos hiding on your roof. Roofing felt was once commonly made of asbestos and may still be hidden underneath your roofing tiles. Thankfully, when undisturbed, asbestos roofing felt doesn’t pose much of a hazard. If, however, you are about to undergo roofing repairs or a roof replacement on an older home, you should have the felt tested first.

4) On the walls and ceilings Asbestos was once commonly used to add textures to walls and ceilings. A likely place to find it in older homes is in popcorn ceilings. It may also be hidden on your home’s walls underneath layers of paint as it was often mixed into the drywall mud, this won’t pose a risk unless disturbed during a renovation.

Asbestos Testing and Removal in Alberta: Asbestos removal is dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone other than an asbestos abatement specialist. Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. can provide both asbestos testing (in the greater Edmonton area) and asbestos removal services for homes and businesses. We provide free estimates and take all of the proper precautions when removing hazardous materials.

If you’re in need of asbestos removal services, then don’t hesitate to contact Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. today.

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