Mold Asbestos Testing for Edmonton, Central and Northern Alberta Area Properties

You can’t mess with asbestos. You shouldn’t disturb it. You shouldn’t inhale it. You shouldn’t remove it. If you suspect that your building may contain asbestos, you need the help of a trained abatement professional to find and remove it.

However, to determine if your home actually contains these materials, schedule mold or asbestos testing.

The abatement and remediation professionals at Advanced Remediation Solutions can analyze your test results and provide you with advice for your upcoming mold or asbestos removal.

How We Test For Mold and Asbestos

If part or all of your building pre-dates 1990, it may contain asbestos. This durable, fireproof, inexpensive material was commonly used in buildings and homes until the late 1980s. Unfortunately, despite asbestos’ versatility, this material also causes major respiratory problems, asbestosis, and mesothelioma (a type of cancer).

Our abatement team can take samples of suspected asbestos-containing materials and send those samples to a third-party laboratory for testing.

We can interpret the results of your asbestos testing and provide you with recommendations and the costs of removing the asbestos-containing materials safely from your building

For mold contamination, air sampling can be performed if health concerns are being experienced by the occupants, this will determine the levels and types of spores in the air.

Schedule Your Mold and Asbestos Testing Today

Since 2004, Advanced Remediation Solution has offered mold and asbestos removal services to the greater Edmonton and Calgary areas. If you suspect your building has asbestos, request asbestos testing in Edmonton from Advanced Remediation Solutions. We also can test for other hazardous materials on your property.

Our team will then interpret the results of your mold or asbestos tests and consult you about the best course of action. To request your free estimate, call us today at (780)466-5105 .

Contact our mold and asbestos removal experts at Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc., to know more about the mold and asbestos removal services we provide in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Contact us for a free estimate appointment at your site anywhere in the greater Edmonton area.

Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. can provide access for mold and asbestos sampling either in house or through third party environmental consultants depending upon the scope of work.