Awareness has been created over the years about the dangers of asbestos and its serious health complications. However, it’s still discovered when demolishing old houses to build new ones, and the likelihood is that it does not get reported by builders.

Usually, when builders demolish old structures, they would apply for a demolition permit. These documents merely check a few boxes which confirm that they were not aware of any asbestos materials in the building.

However, the city of Edmonton has recently taken a path-breaking step by introducing new legislation. The latest amendments state that an environmental assessment must get conducted before a demolition permit can be issued.

It means that if the company demolishes the older homes on your street, and builds fourplexes in their place, they must now prove that the building does not contain asbestos. If asbestos is found, then it must get removed before an excavator can be brought to start tearing things down.

The amendment will have enormous ramifications for the construction industry, as the companies doing the infill speculation will get horrified at the costs of removing the asbestos-containing building materials.

Hence, the companies will need to factor in the possibility of hazardous materials being present when they make offers for the properties. Besides, the original property owners usually expect to make a tidy profit from the buildings, due to the lot size and location.

However, when you factor in the demolition cost that requires the removal of the asbestos, it becomes challenging for anyone involved in the project to make a profit. Consequently, it will make it more expensive to revive the older neighborhoods that have run-down properties.

On the flip side, everyone in the neighborhood can breathe easier, knowing that the asbestos will get removed as per legislated requirements. However, the new rule will only protect the public if they remain proactive.

Remember, while no asbestos fibers released into a cloud of dust blowing down your street is good, some companies still believe it is cheaper to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

So, if you live in a neighborhood where demolition and infill are taking place, ask to see the demolition permit and the clearance report from the environmental consultant. You can also contact us for assistance.

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