How much does mold testing cost in Edmonton?

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We live and breathe various particulates throughout our day, being sure to take appropriate precautions when there is known risk of exposure to harmful elements. We wear masks when dealing with chemicals and paints, wear gloves when handling dirty material and stay inside on days when air quality is low due to smoke or smog. So why is everyone so concerned about mold removal in Edmonton? After all, we have all found a mouldy orange or rogue fuzzy in the back of our cabinet – what’s the big deal?

What are the health risks of mold* exposure?     

The reality is that the kinds of molds that can be growing in our homes without our knowledge are at much further risk of causing mould-related illnesses than the isolated instances that we find and clean up. This is partially because mould can become pervasive in walls, attics and floors and be causing serious illness without our knowledge.

In most cases, the reactions that are seen after mold exposure are allergic reactions that respond well to antihistamine medications. When mould is hiding its presence, however, we can begin to see things like infections from spore inhalation. The risk of these infections is increased when you have conditions such as asthma, COPD or CF (cystic fibrosis). If you have a weakened immune system or tuberculosis, the risk is also increased. Asthma attacks can be triggered by inhaling mold spores. In industrial situations where exposure occurs in large volumes, we can see pneumonitis.

Why might I need mold testing in my home or business?

If you enter your home or workplace only to be greeted by a chronically musty or mildewy odor, the source should be identified and remedied as soon as possible. Keep in mind that mold likes to grow in warm, wet environments so potential sources of water and/or leaks should be sought out and corrected. If mold isn’t visible on the surface, the team at Advanced Remediation Solutions Inc. recommends mold testing and mold inspection. Similarly, if mold has been identified mold inspection can help identify the type of mold present and how best to remove and prevent it.  

How do I know if I have a mold problem?

In order to really know whether or not you have a mold problem, mold testing is required. What is the mold testing cost in Edmonton? This varies. Factors that mold testing companies in Edmonton use to determine testing costs include accessibility to the area in question, the class (kind) of mold that is being tested for, and the size of the home or office being tested. Homeowners and building managers should also consider that if mould removal is required, this will require further investment.

There are several options for mold testing services in Edmonton. Even if you are not in the heart of Edmonton, many companies also serve the surrounding areas of St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Leduc/Beaumont and Stony Plain/Spruce Grove.

How is mold testing done and how accurate is it?

Your mould testing in Edmonton will start with an explanation of the kind of testing that is required from your testing expert, and an overview of how to prepare for the appointment. Your mold professional will use tools to test moisture levels and will visually inspect various areas of the home or office including any basement areas which could be contributing to the problem. Thermal imaging may also be used to find moisture. Air samples will be collected from various areas within the environment as well as surface swabs. Since mould spores are microscopic, this testing identifies where the spores are settling and the areas that have been affected by air circulating the spores through a vent system. Testing will also identify the kind of mould that is present in order to prepare for safe mold removal.

Can I do mold testing myself or do I need a professional?

Although at-home kits do exist for mold testing, experts warn that due to the risk factors involved for your family’s health, it is preferable to work with a professional to ensure accuracy of the test and safety of the remediation.

Mold Remediation in Edmonton

Your mold testing expert will be able to coach you on the remediation of any findings once the lab reports are available to outline the kind of hazard you are working with. Mould removal in Edmonton can be performed by homeowners in some cases, while in other cases mold removal would be too hazardous and must be remediated by a trained professional.

How do I prevent mold from returning after it has been removed?

In order to prevent a return of mold after remediation, it is critical to keep the environment dry, and preferably exposed to light. For more information on mould and mold solutions, visit our website at:   

*This article utilizes both British English (mould) and American English (mold) spellings.   

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